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Luna dei Feldi Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T., Santa Margherita, Italy

Luna dei Feldi Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T.



Wine-is Code: 380-7552641-000004-25

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Santa Margherita


Trentino-Alto Adige

Chardonnay, Müller-Thurgau / Rivaner, Gewürztraminer


Luna dei Feldi Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T. 2011
The decision to break away from the company philosophy of concentrating on single varietals finds ample justification in our desire to offer a multifaceted, complex wine. Indeed, the three varieties care easy to pick out on both the nose and palate, with hints of flowers and white fruits recalling the Chardonnay, aromatic herbs (nettles, mint) and green apples the Müller Thurgau, and roses and grapefruit the Traminer. On the palate, too, one finds the characteristics of mellowness, vivacity and depth of the various cultivars in perfect harmony with one another.

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