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Rebula, Zaloscan wine De Adami, Slovenia




Wine-is Code: 705-6571985-000009-99

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Zaloscan wine De Adami


Vipava Valley

Ribolla / Robola


Rebula 2009
This old varietal, unjustly neglected in the past decades, gives an excellent wine of bright green-yellow colour, ideal to be served as an aperitif. Its freshness is pleasant and elegant, while its bouquet is reminiscent of flowers and fresh fruits. Usually we drink it in a year or two, but harvests in the last decade prove that, if properly cultivated (with as little interference as possible), it is possible to make an outstanding Rebula wine, completely different from those made several decades ago. The flavour of the wine is soft and elegant, appealing and special at the same time. Its freshness is harmonious; therefore, it pairs well with local cuisine dishes and white meat dishes, pasta, potatoes and other light side dishes.
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