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Zelen (green), Zaloscan wine De Adami, Slovenia

Zelen (green)



Wine-is Code: 705-6571985-000012-02

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Zaloscan wine De Adami


Vipava Valley

Zaloscan vina De Adami


Zelen (green) 2012
This indigenous Vipava wine is of bright green-yellow colour, hence its name (Zelen means green). It is an aromatic, white and lively wine. Due to its intense aroma, it used to be dubbed “fragrance”. The vine-friendly cultivation emphasizes its fragrant character. The bouquet is both soft and bold at the same time, pleasant and stunningly aromatic. Its distinguishable flavour is an experience of elegance, richness and harmony. Together with the Pinela wine, they represent a traditional wine pair, the wine-growing Vipava valley cannot do without. The wine goes well with simple local (Vipava) cuisine dishes and other light Mediterranean dishes, potato dishes and home-made pasta dishes.
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