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Merlot, Zaloscan wine De Adami, Slovenia




Wine-is Code: 705-6571985-000017-07

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Zaloscan wine De Adami


Vipava Valley

Zaloscan vina De Adami

Merlot, Old vines


Merlot 2008
This Merlot, the French king of red wines (in the opinion of many people), is undoubtedly the leading wine of the Zaloščan wine cellar. This is especially true of older vintages. A special feature of the Vipava Merlot wines is their freshness or liveliness which is not typical of this wine grape variety. The appealing cherry red colour of the wine is crystal clear, while its bouquet is reminiscent of a number of red fruits and wild fruits, in which we can already sense some tertiary aromas, typical of the vintage red wines. The very flavour of the wine reminds us of ripe fruit and wood, whereas the pleasant and smooth tannins fit well in the wine’s vigorous and full body. Undoubtedly, this wine has a bright future ahead. In the following five years, it will gain in its quality if stored correctly.
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