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Sogevinus Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Sogevinus Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal

Av. Diogo Leite, n.º 344
Vila Nova de Gaia
4400-111 V. N. de Gaia
T.: +351 22 3746660
F.: +351 22 3746699
E.: [email protected]


                    Sogevinus Group Mission is the production and trade of prestigious and high quality Port and Douro DOC  Wines with a Vision to reach excellence and introduce new dynamics to the sector. For that, it bets in the vertical integration of the whole process, from the vineyards to the table of the appreciator. That goes from the selection of grape varietals, crop and vinification process, to the production, control and trading of its wines in the world wide market. A large portfolio of Port Wines and DOC Douro wines Premium brands, together with a set of tourism and production infrastructures that support its activity, complete the business scenario of this Portuguese Holding company, 100% owned by Novacaixagalicia. Full of stories and history, the Port wine brands that integrate Sogevinus business reflect 5 centuries inthe wine sector.Kopke (XVII century), Burmester (XVIII century), Cálem (XIX century), Barros (XX century), Gilberts (XXI century). They represent 5 centuries of wine, which the company does its utmost to preserve.
Provides a wide range of categories of port wine being one of the leading category  in “Colheitas”. In terms of DOC Douro Wine, they representing brands such as: Kopke, Curva, Casa Burmester, Burmester, Barros , Tavedo, Veedha and D+D.


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