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Corcho y copa Pinoso, Spain

Corcho y copa Pinoso Spain

Maurice Munro

Lara Mass

Opening hours
Lunch Hours12.00 - 16.00 Mon- Tue
Dinner Hours12.00 - 24.00 Wed- Sunday
Tapas Style food from around the world
Freshly baked bread
Local produce sourced daily

Cuisine type

Average Price
€ 3.00

Calle Monovar 37
T.: + 34 693 699 677 / + 34 678 661 465
E.: [email protected]


Our objective at corcho y copa is to continuously select wines that are unique, stylish, intelligent, and balanced. We spend tremendous time swirling, smelling, and tasting ‘boutique wines’ from around our area.
 We provide our wine adoring customers with ever-changing opportunities to explore many of the smaller bodega’s from around the area of the Old World and the New World. From the classical to the new growth methods, each wine is selected from an exceptional producer that concentrates on the influenced characteristics of the grapes grown in their vineyard. From the traditions of Spain, and each and every producer is passionate and enthusiastic in respect to sharing their own unique traits with us.

Our treasured cellar of wines are stored in high quality, temperature controlled wine cabinets comprised of single zones for storage and service.
Our red wines are stored at 65 degrees
Our white wine/champagne compartment is set at 45-50 degrees.
Our voluminous stemware is the embodiment of old world European craftsmanship, individually crafted to embrace both the nose and taste. These are utilized exclusively to envelope and enhance the wines for which they were made. 

With humble pride our current list of 20 wines by the glass and 30 wines by the bottle  and assuring that everyone can taste a jewel from our cellar.
Corcho y copa’s aspiration is to always have our cherished patrons enjoying and deciphering the intricacies of our chosen wines. With a great big SMILE, of course!