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Li Beirut Abu Dhabi, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

Li Beirut Abu Dhabi Emiratos Árabes Unidos


Jouni Ibrahim

Opening hours
Lunch Hours 1200 - 1500 hrs
Dinner Hours1900 - 0000 hrs

Cuisine type
Lebanese Cuisine

Average Price

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Podium 2
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
T.: +971 2 811 5666
F.: +971 2 811 5588
E.: [email protected]


Fairouz! Who else could better sing her love for Beirut? A city that survived her wounds and keeps shining. Now listen: 
“A greeting from my heart to Beirut 
Kisses to the sea and to the houses 
To a rock, which is like an old sailor’s face 
She is made from the people’s soul… From wine 
She is from his sweat… a bread and Jasmins 
So how does her taste become? A taste of fire and smoke”… 


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