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Adega do Monte Branco Estremoz, Portugal

Adega do Monte Branco Estremoz Portugal

Luís Louro

Wine Makers
Luís Louro e Inês Capão


Varietals grown
Desde 2005

Monte Branco Apt 21
T.: +351 268 098 077
F.: +351 268 098 078


  • Entrada Principal
  • Luís Louro - Produtor e Enólogo
  • Zona de Recepção
  • Gama Alento
  • Entrada Principal e Entrada para o Moinho/Sala de
  • Luís Louro
  • Interior da Adega
The “Monte Branco” winery is located in Estremoz, small city in the Alentejo region – Portugal.
After six years working with his father in Quinta do Mouro, young producer and winemaker Luís Louro, began is project in 2004 with the aim of providing the market with modern style wines and excellent value for money.
Red Alento, White Alento and Reserve Red Alento are balanced, fresh and fruity, mostly produced with Portuguese grape varieties. Wines that meet the expectation of those consumers seeking high quality and originality.