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Dr. Fischer Ockfen , Germany

Dr. Fischer Ockfen  Germany


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Hauptstraße 68
54441 Ockfen
T.: 49-(0)6581-2150


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The picturesque village of Ockfen is situated near to Saarburg in the rural Saar valley, and only a short distance from the city of Trier. Ockfen is set in scene by its famous Bockstein hillside. The "Bocksteinhof" buildings and cellars of the Dr. Fischer estate are at the foot of this vineyard. This site has complete south/south-west exposure and the soil consists of a high percentage of slate, producing racy wines with a firm fruit structure.  Ancestors of Oenologist Hans-Henning Fischer, who died in 1999, have been cultivating vineyards since 1758 according to old deeds.  Obliged to this tradition, his widow Karin today manages the estate, assisted by an experienced team of devoted employees. Currently 12 ha (30 acres) of vineyard are under cultivation, of which 100% are planted with Riesling.

The vineyards of the estate are located in Ockfen, Saarburg and Wawern. The "Wawerner Herrenberger" site is a monopole site to the Dr. Fischer estate.  While the wines of the "Ockfener Bockstein" are characterized by racy, well structured fruit, the wines of the "Wawerner Herrenberger" present themselves more filigrane and elegant. This is due to the soil of the first being mostly slate and the soil of the later consisting of more clay. This provides our customers with a fine variety of wines.
In the cellar the wines undergo spontaneous fermentation with natural yeast. It is our goal, to display the characteristics of the single vineyard sites in the individual wine. This reductive concept is carried out in our cellar, which naturally maintains a stable cool temperature and therefore provides optimal conditions.  Wines from the Saar region naturally need a little more time to mature. With bottle age they will become more elegant and expressive as well as rounder in their appearance. The wines are astonishingly low in alcohol, but high in mineral contents. The fine acidity harmonizes well with the sweetness, giving a crisp finish.  The Dr. Fischer estate belongs to the elite of the best 300 estates of Germany (member of the VDP association),  and most of the production is exported, mainly to the USA 

N a s c i t u r u s - a special story   The winery and the family history underwent many twists and turns during the 20th century, which consisted of indebtedness, struggles during the two wars and heredity disputes. Dr. Hans H. Fischer, the father-in-law of the present owner, Karin Fischer, recorded the family history in his book "Erinnerungen eines Chirurgen, der nicht in den Krieg durfte". Hans H.'s mother had been betrayed by her nephew and was to lose her inheritance due to a very tricky contract she signed in good faith and ended up without any of her properties (the winery) at the point of her husbands death. Seeking legal help, her children withdrew from the inheritance in order to permit for her supporting herself at her old age. At this time the family was not aware of the legal circumstances that made it all turn right again. Their attorney in the inheritance case found out, that while all the siblings withdrew from their inheritance, Hans H.'s son, Hans-Henning, as what is called "Nasciturus", he was conceived but not born at the time, turned out to be the heir for the unclaimed parts of the inheritance. Through this special legal arrangement, the betrayal on Hans Henning's grandmother was corrected and the winery fell into his possession and therefore into the correct line of the family.