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Niepoort Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Niepoort Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal

Família Niepoort

Wine Makers
Carlos Raposo, Nick Delaforce, José Rodrigo, José Nogueira, Dirk Niepoort


Varietals grown

Rua Cândido dos Reis, 670
Vila Nova de Gaia
4400-071 Vila Nova de Gaia
T.: +351 222 001 028
F.: +351 223 320 209


  • Vale Mendiz
  • Equipa Niepoort
  • Adega Quinta de napoles - sala tintos
  • Dirk e Rolf
  • Adega Quinta de napoles - sala brancos
  • Niepoortland - Lagares
  • Serpa Pinto - corredor pipas
  • Adega Quinta de napoles - vista exterior
  • Adega Quinta de napoles - Alpendre
  • Serpa Pinto - Garrafeira
Welcome to Niepoort world where all wines are made with extreme care and dedication. The world of wine, in particular the Douro region, is a family passion since the foundation in 1842. Dirk Niepoort now leads our  independent family company,. Over the last two decades, his passion for wines his respect and curiosity for the Douro’s terroir have defined the company’s ethos  and proved  a constant source of  inspiration for our team.

More that 150 years of experience and dedication passed from generation to generation. Our Port Cellars are the magical space, in the heart of historic Vila Nova de Gaia, where our Port wines are carefully matured in old casks, bottles or demijohns. 

QUINTA DE NÁPOLES was purchased by Niepoort in 1987. Ownership of the Quintas and vineyards in the Douro region was an important step for Port wine and the first step in the creation of Niepoort’s inspired range of unfortified wines. The Quinta includes nearly 30 hectares of vineyards. The vines grow at an altitude of 140 to 260 metres and range from 18 to over 70 years old. Located on the left bank of the Têdo River, this is where Niepoort makes their red, white and rosé wines.