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Domaine de la Dourbie Canet, Frankreich

Domaine de la Dourbie Canet Frankreich


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Route d'Aspiran, 34800 Canet
T.: +33 (0)6 38 48 45 61
F.: +33 (0)4 67 44 47 84


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Family vineyard from 1781, located at the base of the Larzac hillsides, the vineyard is surrounding by two rivers, Hérault and La Dourbie.Our philosophy displays a respectful culture for the environment, low yields, manual harvest and traditional vinification.

All of the production is harvested by hand in small crates and sorted out on table.Organic production and vinification from 2009.

Large line of wines in red, white and rosé at diferent range (entry, medium, premium, super premium), possibilty to build up a partnership creating private brand quality.

We have a platform in Ohio from where we can send our wines (no minimum order) anywhere in USA.