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Enrico Serafino , Italy

Enrico Serafino  Italy


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Cantina Enrico Serafino's innovative spirit, which strives to develop production to express excellence in new ways, has given rise to a new project, conceived as a "cellar within the cellar" and called "Cantina Maestra”, after the old Via Maestra road that still runs through the centre of the little town of Casale.

The aim of the Cantina Maestra Project can be thus summed up: “maximum valorisation of the Roero and Alta Langa area, the cultural epicentres of the historic roots of Piedmontese winemaking”. The fundamental elements of the project are:

the best oenologists and agronomists with firm roots in the area: bringing together great Piedmontese professional expertise – Beppe Caviola, Paolo Giacosa and Lorenzo Barbero – capable of conveying the unique and very diverse expressions of the grape varieties to the wines;
rigorous selection of grapes: commencing in the vineyard in order to achieve the best selection of grapes, and to establish ongoing relationships with a few faithful growers of the area, with whom to share working strategies;
“Roero character” in the wines: the essence of the “Roero character” can be recognised in the pleasantness, great drinkability and elegance of all the wines produced.


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