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Dourocaves Douro, Portugal

Dourocaves Douro Portugal


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Quinta do Loureiro
Peso da Régua
Vila Real
5050-315 LOUREIRO
T.: +351 254 321 821
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DOUROCAVES ‐ PRODUÇÃO, TRANSFORMAÇÃO E COMÉRCIO DE VINHOS, S.A., was created in 1992 to produce wine (table and port wine). This wine company is based and operates in the Portuguese region of Douro, in the Northeast of Portugal.

Since the beginning until 2004, DOUROCAVES strategy was basically focused on the production of bulk port wine to be delivered to the main export dealers operating in Portugal, including Grande Cruz, Symington, Taylor’s, Porto Poças and Soc. Vinhos Borges.

Due to a shareholders change in 2004, there was a review of products portfolio and DOUROCAVES did reinforce the capacity to produce and bottle high quality table wine from Douro region as a complement of its traditional production of bulk port wine. In addition to this, the wine company is being prepared to market bottled port wine under its own brand.

The new strategy has been followed by a specific investments plan which was carefully prepared with the help of Douro regional enologists and wine production experts, covering all the relevant areas from human resources, equipment, new facilities and definition of quality product levels plus quality monitoring.

In the last couple of years, the annual average production of DOUROCAVES has been in the order of 800 thousand litres of bulk port wine plus a similar number volume for table wine (DOC Douro, DOC Douro Reserva and DOC Regional Wine).

The wine production of DOUROCAVES seats basically in the acquisition of selected grapes to a dedicated set of farmers of Douro region. This is a long time relationship enabling DOUROCAVES to develop a permanent quality control of grapes and vineyards along the year in order to ensure the necessary quality levels of wine
DOUROCAVES owns modern facilities in Douro region which are well equipped with:
• storage tanks, total capacity of 2,243 thousand litres from which 180,000 are made of stainless
steel material;
• vinification tanks capacity of 478 thousand litres;
• filling equipment line for bottles.

In 2004, BELOXISTO which is an associated company of DOUROCAVES has acquired a farm nearby
DOUROCAVES facilities, named “Quinta do Loureiro”. This acquisition has made DOUROCAVES more
independent from third parties in terms of supply of grapes. Apart from giving to Dourocaves the
necessary platform to develop and implement the project of bottling and marketing port wine,
BELOXISTO has the intention to extend its activity to rural tourism area in the farm and existing
aristocratic old house.

DOUROCAVES has seen the recognition of its work and policy implementation through several awards in some well reputed international competitions, namely the IWC ‐ International Wine Challenge of London, and the CMB ‐ Worldwide Competition of Brussels given to wines DOC DOURO Tinto, GRANDE ESCOLHA, RESERVAS and MOSCATEL, as well as in national competitions, such as the WMC of Estoril, plus some relevant wine magazines.