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Roquevale Redondo, Portugal

Roquevale Redondo Portugal


Wine Makers
Joana Roque do Vale


Varietals grown

Herdade do Monte Branco
Apartado 87
7170-909 Redondo
T.: +351 266989290
F.: +351 266989291


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Roquevale’s winery is located in Monte Branco Estate, just outside the town of Redondo on the way to the Serra D’Ossa Mountains, nearby Evora.

The winery can count on modern equipments able to turn 2 million kg of grape into wines per year. The bottling capacity is 6.000 bottles / hour.

The finest wines are aged in French and American oak barrels in a large cave where the bottled wine also rests before going to market.

We welcome with pleasure visitors willing to understand how the wine is made at Monte Branco Estate. Booking in advance is required. Meals can be provided for groups How to get there: By car, driving about 25 mn from the nearby city of Evora, one of the must see for anyone travelling in the Alentejo (1 hour from Lisbon). The estate is located 1 km from the town of Redondo, by the Redondo-Serra d’Ossa-Estremoz road.