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Marques de Murrieta Madrid, Spain

Marques de Murrieta Madrid Spain


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Paseo de la Castellana 126
T.: +34 917 824 400


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  • Marques de Murrieta Reserva 2005
  • Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva 2001
  • Capellania White Reserva 2005
  • Pazo Barrantes Albariño 2010
Luciano de Murrieta could be called the founding father of modern Rioja winemaking. His early years took him to many corners of the world, but in particular to London where he became intrigued by the wines of Bordeaux that were so popular in the English capital. Later, he joined the Spanish army under General Espartero, and having inherited a large estate on the outskirts of Logroño, in 1852, his thorough knowledge of the latest wine technology was to become crucial. As his wines gained fame around the world, other producers came and studied his techniques, and from this the modern era of wine production in Rioja was born. By dedicating all his energy and skills to the Ygay Estate, Luciano Murrieta created a winery which is now considered among the best in the world.

In 1983, Vicente Cebrián-Sagarriga, Count of Creixell, purchased Marqués de Murrieta from the Olivares Family and embarked on a long term project based on clear business philosophy and family tradition. The combination of Vicente Cebrián’s innovative ideas and respect for tradition were undoubtedly the saving of the estate and its wines, whilst a series of on-going investments has ensured a bright future for Marqués de Murrieta. Today the baton has been passed on to his son Vicente, Count of Creixell, and his daughter Cristina.

On the southern limit of la Rioja Alta, just a few kilometres from the capital city Logroño, we find the Ygay Estate. Tradition and modernity appear side by side with the presence of two old vertical wooden presses alongside stainless steel tanks. Two Pigeage machines replaces the work previously done by hand, and is used to press the grape cap into the fermenting wine, thereby achieving maximum colour and tannin extraction, characteristics which are central to the quality and longevity of the wines of Marqués de Murrieta. In the Castillo Ygay cellar dating from 1872, the finest wines are still aged in 225 Lt. American and French oak barrels, that have an average age of 30 years, where the contact with both oxygen and wood is minimal (due to the tartrate crystal deposits that line the barrels making them like giant bottles). Care and understanding of how to treat the young wines, ensuring that they develop to their maximum potential, is central to the wine-makers philosophy at Marqués de Murrieta. Careful use of oak, coupled with the peace and tranquillity of the cellar are the secrets to their success.

The key to the quality and style of Marqués de Murrieta wines lies in the unique vineyards. A well drained soil, rich in mineral deposits, and with a surprising number of large stones, ensures grapes of a complexity rarely found in the region. In addition, the relatively hot summers at the Ygay estate ensures that wines are always made from ripe and healthy grapes. The 300 hectares of prime vineyard which form the Ygay Estate, means that our winemaker can control all the aspects of the yearly development of the vine. More importantly perhaps, it also allows her to choose the best moment to harvest, and to bring the grapes to the cellar within half an hour of being picked, thus receiving only healthy fruit with no oxidization. Having to rely on one’s own grape source means that each vintage provides different challenges for the winemaker, but it also means that each vintage has its own personality. The vineyards are divided into many sub-plots including single vineyards; Capellanía planted with Viura, Canajas which contains some Cabernet, and La Plana at 500 metres above sea level which is the source of the famous Castillo Ygay.