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About Wine-is

We are passionate about connecting the wine world.

We strive for connecting restaurants, wineries, wine shops, distributors, sommeliers, wine makers and wine lovers.

Today a lot of information gets lost along the way. A lot of great information about wines translates in a single, incomplete black and white line in a paper wine list. Wineries have a hard time to send their information to distributors, wine shops, or restaurants. We link all these players together in a tight ecosystem.

Nowadays we have around 1 billion wine drinkers. There is still a long way to go to bet the others 6 billion.

Wine-is is a result of joint effort from people with different backgrounds. We are coming from wineries, restaurants and software. All cooked and linked together in a great way. What differentiates us is the approach. We are not a software company but a complete operation to support your own business operation.