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Wine-is Analytics provide in-depth analysis of what's going in your Wine-is ecosystem.

Wine-is Analytics delivers a wealth of information never before available:


Inside Wine-is iPad Wine List

Discover with are the wines most viewed in your list. Discover which recommendations are more clicked. Crossing this information with sales data you can fine tune your wine list both in terms of offer and price. This increases both guest satisfaction and net income of your wine operation.

Monitor the Web

Wine-is is not a substitution of Google Analytics. What we offer is increasing insight about the pages viewed in our system: the web wine/restaurant/wineries pages along with the pages viewed in the mobile environments.

Monitor APIs

For Wine-is Partners we deliver a group of APIs that allow Wine-is to be integrated into your portal. Our analytics provide insight of the web traffic in Wine-is pages.

What does this all means?

Wineries and restaurants can fine tune their pages and offer so that visits are maximized. Are you launching a new wine? Link the Wine-is with your Facebook and Twitter account and get a true global analytics by cross checking Facebook, Google Analytics together with Wine-is Analytics.

If you need some help contact us regarding Analytics.