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Wine-is allows the access to Wine-is content through Wine-is APIs.

The Wine-is APIs allow you to :

a) iOS / Android App Wine Lists - Build your own Wine List App for iOS / Android Systems. An API based on JSON / XML enables you to create great and high-quality imagery and content.

b) Web Snippets - Integrate snippets of code with just few lines of code into web sites. You have snippets to show a wine list, search wines, search maps and much more.

c) Online Shops - Immediately create an online shop by linking your Wine-is account to an online shop. Automatic product updates are covered.

d) Online Wine Directories – Provide immediate wine list and search capabilities with our search and list APIs. Example:

Interested in becoming a Developer Partner?

Contact us via:

1) The online chat support

2) By using the following email: