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Hotel Chains

Connecting the Wine World

That is passion and how we started. Wine-is mission is creating tighter connections between restaurants, wineries, wine shops, distributors, wine lovers, sommeliers, wine makers. Along the way we created this amazing product that has a real impact on all of us that love wine.

Share the vision and join a growing community of hundreds of restaurants, in five continents, in over 20 countries that already are working together with us. From single small restaurants to entire hotel chains we deliver a simple to use, yet powerful solution you can rely on.

Game Changer for Restaurants in Hotels

Wine-is iPad Wine List is a game changer. Restaurants can now manage much more effectively their wine business in ways never possible before.

As a result the wine and revenue turnover in hotel’s restaurant will increase along with your margins. We help you getting the most out of wine business.

Check out the full description of what we can do in a restaurant (so we don’t repeat here)

Wine-is Wine List in Hotel Chains

Wine-is is designed to support your Hotel’s operation.

We designed Wine-is Wine List so you can deploy it fast worldwide. No servers, no software, no Wi-Fi needed. We designed the system so that CIO actually loves us. With a zero hardware and software footprint, we provide a record time to market when rolling out the system.

A fully centralized web management interface means you can have a decentralized approach. Maybe the sommelier is in NY, but logistics and F&B finance is located at the HQ in LA.

You can deploy different wine lists or the same. You can have multiple wine lists, one for launch time and another for the dinner time. Or you want the same list but with different prices for the bar.

Or you can even want a customized skin for each restaurant. Or the same for the entire group but different from the standard skin available from the App Store.

All of this and much more is possible from a platform thought from the ground to support:

- Zero Hardware and Software footprint
- Large Deployments
- Easy Management