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What is Wine-is iPad Wine List?

Wine-is iPad Wine List is a wine list for iPad. It is a simple app that connects to wine-is management portal that enables you to gain control of your wine list. Check out the rest of the site for details.

Does Wine-is sell iPads?

No, Wine-is don’t sell or provide iPads.

We have customers in more than 20 countries, each one with different Apple distribution agreements, support structures, taxes and laws. We prefer to center our efforts in developing a great wine list instead of spending resources managing an hardware distribution operation.

Luckily, Apple is omnipresent in the all world. You can get an iPad from a store or your carrier / telecom provider. Often, your company has access to great deals.

We believe you wont have a hard time getting the iPads from any local store near you.

Why only iPad and not Android?

The Apple iPad has the quality, size, durability, operating system that we needed to create a great product. Competitive offers often lacked one of the criteria listed above.

Thus we opted to center our efforts in the Apple iPad world.

But we don’t rule out Android. New devices are coming every month now are we are looking closely to them. That’s as far as we can go public about it for now.