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Wine-is Marketing

Wine-is a great platform for marketing your wines, winery, restaurant or distributor. Learn more below how we can help you:


Wines are exposed in multiple ways to the world:

Wine-is Code. It is becoming the de facto standard for identifying uniquely a wine, independently of the country, shipping, logistics or botteling. Use it just like you use an ISBN for books.

Wine-is iPad Wine List. Your wines are now exposed using high quality imagery and comprehensive notes. For the first time you can actually communicate directly with consumers and restaurants guests

Portals. Your wines are searchable in wine-is portal but also in our content affiliates. Wine-is being chosen as the premier content supplier for wine sites.

Technical Files. Wine-is portal produces technical files in more than 6 languages. Just create your wine in wine-is and immediately build a complete technical file in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Control You Wine List on the Web. Do you want to push that 2010 vintage but you are not selling anymore of that 2007 Chardonnay? No problem. With Wine-is you can pick and choose what is listed exactly in Wine-is portal and content partners around the world.

QR Code. Wine-is support QR Codes.

Wineries, Restaurants, Distributors

List your Wine List in your Site. If you are a restaurant you are a few clicks away of presenting your wine list to the world. You just need to copy / paste 3 lines of code and immediately your own restaurant site gains a powerful list and search tool of wines you offer.

Map. Test your map and see how cool it is: Wine-is Search Map. People can actually find you easily. Our content partners are also using our APIs to provide an incredible search capability.

Logo Link. Link your site to wine-is and vice-versa. Wine-is becoming the preferred choice to find wines and wineries around the globe. By linking your site to ours you’ll gain access to powerful analytics.

Content Partners

Are you a generic portal, a wine centric portal? Or just someone you cares about connecting the wine world?

Wine-is provides in depth APIs that allow you at your site to expose Wine-is high quality content information. Just contact us and know more.