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Mobile Developers

Are you a mobile development looking for building iWineLists or iMenus or iWhatEver?

We have a great solution for you. You can focus yourself in what you do best, the Mobile App. Let us take care of the rest: high quality content management, backoffice, billing and subscription management and so on.

With our mobile APIs you can design great mobile Apps and access immediately to content that makes all the difference.

The partnership is a truly win-win situation. Maybe you have requests form customers, but the cost of building the entire back-office and management system simply blocks your sale.

With you APIs you leverage the great back-office we are using ourselves and proved by thousands of customers in more than 25 countries and 10 languages.

Interested in becoming a Mobile Developer Partner?

Contact us via:

1) The online chat support

2) By using the following email: