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Connecting the Wine World

Connecting the Wine World is our passion and how we started. Wine-is mission is creating better connections between restaurants, wineries, wine shops, distributors, wine lovers, sommeliers, wine makers. Along the way we created this amazing product that has a real impact on all of us that love wine.

Share the vision and join a growing community of hundreds of restaurants, in five continents, in over 20 countries that already are working together with us. From single small restaurants to entire hotel chains we deliver a simple to use, yet powerful solution you can rely on.

Game Changer for Restaurants

Wine-is iPad Wine List is a game changer. Restaurants can now manage much more effectively their wine business in ways never possible before.
As a result the wine and revenue turnover in your restaurant will increase along with your margins. We help you getting the most out of wine business.

Gain control over you wine list

You don’t change a price because you don’t want to reprint the entire wine list?

You order large quantities of the same wine because you are afraid to have an out-of-stock wine in the list?

You don’t experiment new wine because you just reprinted the wine list two weeks ago?

You don’t experiment price changes for the same reason?

You wine list looks un attractive? Your guests seem lost in pages and pages of your wine list?

These are common problems we tackle in a simple way.

You will regain control over your wine list. That’s our promise. That’s what we deliver

How it works?

You just need the iPads. We supply the rest.

  1. First, you download for free our Wine-is Wine List from the Apple App Store. You immediately can see a demo in the app you just downloaded.
  2. Second, go to and register as a restaurant. You immediately gain access to build your wine list.
  3. Sync you wine list with your iPad. Your free trial enables you to experiment the wine list.
  4. Send your wine list to our support (in word, excel, pdf, etc.). This is optional but we offer this complementary service as a means of you to see immediate results. You don’t have time? No worries, we help you.
  5. Looking good? We bet that we now have a great wine list. Just go to and buy a license. Sync again, and that’s all that is to it.

Major Benefits

The documented (Return on Investment) in restaurants is from 1 week to 6 weeks with our solution. The ROI analysis include hardware (iPads), wine-is license and your time.

How we manage to have such a short ROI?


  1. Improved sales from 10% to 60%. In a mature environment ( US, Europe) 10% to 20% is the norm. In emerging countries 20% to 40%. In special cases our customers have reported us 60% sales increase.
  2. Improved margins. You can now tweak the price and see guest feedback. Because you can change the price and 5 minutes later have all your pads synchronized you can experiment often. An increase of 5 dollars in a high rotation wine with a price tag of 40 dollars can results in a 12,5% price increase but translates in a 20% margin increase.
  3. High quality certified imagery content directly from the winery to you. High resolution bottle images make the difference in those 120 seconds that a restaurant guest is indecisive of what wine to drink or even if he will opt between wine or a soft drink.
  4. Recommendations allow you to jointly work with wineries and distributors to create joint market initiatives. You improve volume and margins as well as wineries.
  5. Advanced analytics allow you to understand for the first time what is the rational inside guests’ minds. Which are the wine people browse more? Which are the recommendations they click first? We provide powerful analytics that help you adjust your wine list for better results.
  6. Increase the return of your wine list. Use it to advertise wine, wineries or even your customized events. Use the advertisement engine as an additional source of revenue and marketing