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Why Wine-is

Connecting the Wine World

Connecting the Wine World is our passion and how we started. Wine-is mission is creating better connections between restaurants, wineries, wine shops, distributors, wine lovers, sommeliers, wine makers.

We are not just another software company doing iPad Wine Lists. Actually the iPad Wine Lists is just a small part of what we are doing.

We are enabling for the first time wineries to easily disseminate their information across the entire world. We are thinking globally but acting locally. We want to go ultra-local and support every language in the world, so that an Italian winery can sell their wines in Russia, China or Chile with less effort. We want a wine lover in Canada to easily understand the description of a Greek wine. We are working for disseminating all wines in the world, not only the “best 1%”.

That’s why we don’t provide ratings, opinions or comments. We believe each wine lover has its own preference, and that every winery deserves an opportunity. We leave ratings and comments for the thousands sites that already provide that.

Share out vision of building a sound platform that we all can rely on as a certified, high quality database, so it’s easier to find, map and exchange wine information. So we can find and enjoy the wine of ours lives.