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Wine-is Code

What’s Wine-is Code?

Wine can be bottled, distributed, store in dozens of ways. But wine, the precious liquid, is the same.

Wine-is Code identifies a wine, independently of the bottling or packing variants.

Think of Wine-is Code as an ISBN for wines.

What’s the Wine-is Code structure?

The structure is:



CCC – Country in the 3 digit ISO format
PPPPPPP – an unique number that identifies the winery / producer in that country
WWWWWW – serial number of that wine for a specific winery
CK – check digit

Wine Bootle Back Labels, Wine-is Code and QR-Code

Wine-is Code is a text string. It is human readable, size adjustable, font adaptable, Google searchable.

We are seeing more and more wineries to include Wine-is Code in their 2011 vintages.

We create and support also QR-Codes that link either to the own wine page in the winery site or to our site. However QR-Codes require a software and device capable to be read, you cannot write down or memorize QR-Codes. Either way we support them. It’s your choice.

Common uses of Wine-is Code

The wine-is code is used to:

  • Search wine on the web. Just google a Wine-is Code, e.g. 250-8341774-000001-25.
  • Exchange wine lists and wine references between restaurants, wineries and distributors without confusion.
  • Send information to your friends about what you are drinking.
  • You get the picture. It’s serves the same propose as your passport number. It uniquely identify a wine, with all the benefits associated?
    What about EAN, UPC, AVIN, etc etc?

We are passionate about the Wine-is Code. But we are even more passionate about linking the wine world. Wine-is project allows wineries to register in their technical files any code.

We even allow our search engines to search by any of those codes.